7-Piece White Crystal Singing Bowl Set for Sound Healing

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Hertz: 440Hz
Perfect Pitch (+/- 5 cents): Yes
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healing music, sound bath Warning: extremely relaxing
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What benefits will I enjoy?

Meditation improvement icon

Improves meditation

Enhances feng shui icon

Enhances feng shui

Focus enhancement icon

Enhances focus

Emotion calming icon

Calms emotions

Immunity boost icon

Boosts immunity

Repels negative spirits icon

Chases bad spirits

Equilibrate your chakras with singing bowls

Struggling with stress, anxiety, or lack of focus? Crystal singing bowls can help you find balance, enhance meditation, and improve well-being. Discover how regular use can transform your life.

Find out how your body and mind will react

Duration of Use Benefits and Experiences
One week One week icon You begin to learn how to play the crystal singing bowl and feel the sound's power. You start adjusting the sound and feeling it through your body.
One month One month icon You start playing it every day and feel the sound's power in different body parts. You begin to understand how different notes affect your body and start meditating during sound baths.
6 months Six months icon You can meditate easily and calm yourself quickly. You can relax, focus on your body, and enjoy high-quality sleep every night.
One year One year icon You feel infinite energy in your body and remain positive. You focus on solving problems and enjoy happiness every minute of the day.

crystal singing bowls chakras, singing bowls for healing

Get high quality singing bowls

High-quality crystal quartz material used for sound healing Best material Skilled craftsman polishing a crystal singing bowl Qualified craftsman Process of creating a durable crystal singing bowl Long life span

We work with professional manufacturers who are experts in crafting high-quality singing bowls. After you place an order, we swiftly produce your top-quality singing bowl and ship it directly to you. Relax your mind by playing soothing melodies with healing-sounds.com.

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Customer Reviews

Thousands of customers cured

High-quality crystal quartz material used for sound healing ★★★★★
Skilled craftsman polishing a crystal singing bowl ★★★★★
Process of creating a durable crystal singing bowl ★★★★★
After 2 weeks I can already feel huge changes. I'm more positive and enjoy the present moment. It's really powerful

Frequently asked questions

Chakra imbalances can lead to various issues such as stress, anxiety, physical ailments, and emotional instability. Singing bowls can help restore balance, promoting overall well-being.

To play the singing bowl, gently strike the bowl's edge with a mallet, then circle the rim with the mallet to produce a continuous, resonant sound.

Clean your singing bowls with a soft, dry cloth. For deeper cleaning, use mild soap and water, ensuring the bowl is thoroughly dried afterward.

If you receive a broken singing bowl, please contact our customer service team immediately for a replacement or refund.

Delivery is free for each singing bowl ordered.
Current delivery times: 5 to 12 working days. You have 30 days to return the item if it does not meet your expectations.

Absolutely, we offer a wide range of singing bowls at various prices. Explore them now by clicking this button.

Our Singing Bowls >
  • Material : High-quality quartz crystal (99.99% purity)
  • Set includes sizes : 12''C, 11''D, 10''E, 9''F, 8''G, 7''A, 6''B
  • Accessories : Two rubber mallets, two suede mallets, seven O-rings
  • Protection : Two heavy-duty carrier bags for safe transportation
  • Each bowl is meticulously tuned for accurate sound production

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