Welcome to the Healing Sounds™ Affiliate Partner Program. We are excited to offer you the opportunity to join our community and help spread the wellness benefits of our instruments. Whether you're a practitioner, a sound therapy enthusiast, or simply someone who loves our products, this program is designed to reward you for sharing our passion.

Earn Rewarding Commissions

  • Base Commission: Start with a 10% commission on each sale you refer.
  • Discount Offer: Offer a 10% discount code to your community and friends.
  • Progressive Commissions: Increase your earnings up to 20% as your total sales grow.

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  • Generous Commissions: Earn a significant percentage from each sale, and watch your commissions grow with your efforts.
  • Extend Your Influence: Use this platform to deepen your connection with your audience by offering high-quality sound healing instruments like singing bowls, gongs, kalimbas, handpans, tongue drums, and tuning forks.
  • Track Your Success: Access a personalized dashboard to track your sales, monitor commissions, and manage your affiliate links easily.

How to Join ?

Joining is simple and takes just a few minutes:

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