handpan : ultimate guide for this instrument

Welcome to Escapists Musics, where the enchanting sounds of handpan drums transport you to a realm of musical bliss. These mystical instruments have captivated the hearts of music lovers worldwide, offering a unique blend of melody and tranquility.

Discovering handpan drum

The Enchanting World of Handpan Music

The handpan is a type of steel drum played by hand, originating from the Swiss invention of the Hang in the early 2000s. This instrument is renowned for its soothing, ethereal sounds and its ability to produce a wide range of harmonics. Each handpan is carefully crafted to produce a distinct scale, allowing for a personal and unique musical experience.

How Handpans Create Harmonious Sounds

Handpans consist of two steel shells welded together. They feature several tonal fields around the center 'ding' note. Players tap these fields with their hands to release vibrations that create deep, resonant tones. The layout and tuning of these fields determine the scale of the handpan, contributing to its magical sound profile.

Choosing the best handpan

Choosing Your First Handpan

When selecting a handpan, consider the scale that resonates with your musical preferences. Scales like D Minor or Akebono each offer a different mood and sound exploration. Moreover, the quality of the steel and the craftsmanship can greatly affect the instrument's tone and durability. Always opt for high-quality handpans to ensure a long-lasting and satisfying musical journey.

Scale Mood Popular For
D Minor Melancholic Meditative music
Akebono Exotic World music
C Major Bright Beginner friendly


Playing Techniques for Beginners

Starting your handpan journey can be thrilling. Beginners should focus on mastering the basic strike technique: using the flat part of the fingers to gently tap the notes. This approach helps prevent damage to the instrument and encourages a purer sound. Experimenting with different striking areas and pressures can also unveil a variety of tones from the same note.

Handpan & music therapy

Integrating Handpans in Music Therapy

Handpans are increasingly used in therapeutic settings, helping individuals relax and recover through their harmonious tones. The vibrations and frequencies produced by handpans have been known to aid in reducing stress and enhancing mental well-being. Music therapists often incorporate these instruments into sessions to create a calming environment and promote healing.

Handpan Escapits Music


The journey of discovering and playing the handpan is as enriching as the music it produces. Whether you are a novice seeking a new musical venture or a seasoned musician, the handpan offers a unique, meditative, and transformative musical experience. Embrace the serene melodies of handpan and let its peaceful resonance enrich your life.

FAQs About Handpan Drums

What is the best handpan for beginners?

The C Major scale handpan is often recommended for beginners due to its bright, uplifting tones and ease of play.

How do I maintain my handpan?

Regularly wipe your handpan with a microfiber cloth and occasionally apply a thin layer of oil to protect it from oxidation and humidity.

Where can I learn to play the handpan?

Many music schools now offer handpan classes, and numerous online tutorials and workshops are available as well.

How much does a handpan cost?

Prices can vary widely based on the maker and material quality, typically ranging from $1,500 to $5,000.

Can playing the handpan help reduce stress?

Yes, the soothing tones and vibrations of the handpan are known to promote relaxation and can significantly reduce stress and anxiety levels.